Monday, 27 February 2017

Spliced Yew Flight ELB ... and Cat

This bow's been made from some fairly random billets which were glued up in the same batch as the wonky warbow.
The wood is pretty extreme, one limb looks gorgeous on one side, yet the back and other side show alternating heart and sap wood (see pic top left which shows both sides in one pic) and it has some useful natural reflex along with a deflex dip and sideways bend that I took out with dry heat. The other limb again looks good along one edge but has much thicker sapwood especially near the handle.
It's stiff gripped because of the splice and I've kept the working limbs the same length, this gives an arrow pass about 2" above centreline. The whole bow is about 60" long and I was aiming at about 70# at 24".
The tiller looks very stiff in the lower limb, but that's 'cos it is reflexed a tad whereas the upper limb has a hint of deflex. The wood is so different in each limb that there is little similarity in the thickness of the limbs and it certainly couldn't have been made by numbers. I'll post some more pics tomorrow when I've polished up the nocks and maybe chrono'd it.

I haven't tried it for distance yet as I didn't make it to the roving marks shoot because of the cat. She's progressing but my wife and I are having to massage her bladder to make her pee (insert your own jokes about taking the piss here! )
Just got back from the vet and she's showing some improvement, anal tone has returned and she is crapping out in the garden. She can't jump but is try hard to escape the garden by climbing trees, good to see her being feisty.
My mate JT took the Wonky Warbow to the roving marks shoot where it raised a few eyebrows! He said it performed well, feeling very stable but a tad weird with the deflex and stiff grip. We'll see how far it shoots some time when the weather is better.

I did try the little flight bow with a couple of arrows. I nearly made a fatal mistake by picking up a 32" flight arrow and wondered why I couldn't get full draw, fortunately it's so damn strong I don't think I over drew it at all (I did have safety glasses on!).. my excuse is I was tired hungry, it was late and I was distracted by feline worries. Bow making is a distraction from worries but can lead to some rather odd bows and less than perfect workmanship, but it's better than going bonkers!
The long arrow snaked like mad and stuck in at 45 degrees. Then I tried the 24" fight arrow and could barely get it to full draw, it slammed home dead straight, so it will be interesting to see how far it goes when we get out to the flight field (Mind the way it's raining at the mo' it will be flooded)

Just added the full draw pic (a tad over 24" mind that allows for 3 fingers on the string) Right limb looks weak by the middle knot due to the natural deflex and a tad stiff by the outer knot (prob 'cos it is!) Left limb looks long, because it is same length as right limb rather than being shorter like most bows. It is supported on the tiller just above centre at the top of the grip. I don't claim it's a thing of great beauty, but it will be interesting to see how far it thros a 24" arrow, after that I may even see if I can tease it back to 28" (stupid boy!)

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