Friday, 3 March 2017

Chrono Results

I improved the backstop for my chrono shots by fixing some snap hooks onto some foam so I can hang it securely onto the wire that supports the backstop netting.
I tried a lighter flight arrow from the Yew flight longbow. It was one of the arrows that made 310 yards from the Osage flight bow. It managed 199.0 fps which then made me wonder, how fast the Osage would shoot?

Well it made 218.5fps, but the arrow went half way through the target and snapped in half! Presumably the foam swung sharply at impact while the arrow was still flexing a bit. Bit of a shame to snap a good flight arrow but good to register a solid reading in excess of 200 fps !

Of course flight shooting isn't all about brute arrow speed, the weight of the arrow and how it flies is important too.
Shame the Yew didn't break the magic 200, maybe an extra inch of draw and some tuning of the bow will get it there. I haven't taken the full draw pic yet, but I can take down the chrono and do that next.

Just added full draw pic, since then I've narrowed the tips to get 'em working a tad more and improve the tiller.


  1. Nice number! I think I would kill for a 2 in the hundreds column.

  2. LOL, yeah, hoping I may be able to tease the magic 2 out of the Yew (hopefully without smashing the arrow, they are a lot of trouble to make). Mind, with flight bows, searching for an extra bit of performance usually kills the bow!