Saturday, 11 March 2017

More Flight Arrows

I've been making some flight arrows for the spliced Yew flight bow.
I've made 'em 27" to allow an inch extra draw from the 26" I've tested it at. Maybe they will be fright arrows rather than flight arrows.
I turned some brass points same as usual, but with a shorter tang, I'm using my "standard" 5/16 arrow shafts that are 35-40 spine, this will maybe horrify some people, but with a shorter arrow and a light point, the dynamic spine should be ok, also bear in mind they will have to flex round the grip of the bow as it has no cut out for the arrow being an English Longbow.
I'm getting fed up with losing flight arrows, so I've bought some Neon Yellow paint which seems pretty bright (Rustoleum Neon Yellow) It seems to cover well and goes nicely onto the wood, it's not a gloss finish and I'll probably put some clear acrylic over it. I rubbed it down lightly with wire wool to get it smoother.
I've only weighed one arrow and it's 281 grain which is about 4 grains per pound of draw weight, I could go a bit lighter, but one of the arrows I've already shot from it was about 220 grain, so I'm not too much heavier considering the arrow is 3" longer.
the balance point is nicely forward of centre being about 40% of the way along the shaft from the front (or 10% forward of centre if you want to look at it that way)

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