Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Completer Finisher

I've been finishing off several odds and ends. The 60# Yew has had the arrow plate done and a couple of coats of Danish Oil on the bow. I find it a tad heavy and I rather overstretched myself trying to shoot it in at a good full draw without warming up, felt like I had a knife stuck between my shoulderblades, it eased off the next day when I went on a screen printing course (great fun) and was bending over and using my shoulders a fair bit.
I've booked into the ILAA popinjay shoot for next Sunday, I don't really have a suitable bow, so I'm reworking an old churchyard Yew stick bow that was full of character, but was a bit iffy at its high draw weight. I'll take it down to 40#...ish  and make it more whip ended, that should do the job and turn it from a show bow into a working bow again.
I also got round to making a string for the frankenbow, which shoots surprisingly well.
The pics show some of the interesting features of the 60# character Yew English longbow, there are a couple of nice blushes of red where knots were.

I've been working down the Yew stick bow and got it to a smoot 50# at 29" so I'm pretty confident with it now, it has loads of checks and craks running anong the wood and at least 3 patches on the belly, but I think it's fine, the two big character knots look really spectacular.

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