Monday, 4 September 2017

Bamboo Belly for Crossbow Prod

I'm still messing with the crossbow prod and the bamboo as I've just bought a new batch of boo slats.
I get a decent batch and go halves with my mate Matt from Cambridge Bows.
He came over on Saturday to collect his half and we had a good natter, I later checked up on some of his Youtube videos and his website... excellent.
I wanted to get the bamboo to be as wide and flat as possible for the belly but without loosing the strongest fibres which are in the outer layers. By sawing the bamboo slat down the middle and planing the two bits individually, I could then put them back together side by side to give a flatter pied like  B rather than a D, the pic shows what I mean. I don't know if this is really worth while bu it does give a more even thickness and I can stagger the nodes slightly too.
I've got one side glued up and will do the other today, I'm a tad worried that it will be too high a draw weight, but it's all good fun

Meanwhile I went out shooting with JT and some others, they were lobbing warbow arrows at a flag, but I made a target from an old duvet that was being thrown out loosely rolled and put into a woven rubble sack. I was shooting at it from shortish ranges varying from about 10 to 40 yards trying to get my eye back in with Twister my field bow. The target was excellent, it stopped the arrows nicely without getting shot up, being light it tended to move a bit and absorb the impact, hicghly recommended as a quick cheap target.
One of the guys who was shooting was very taken with the coarse ringed warbow I'd made a while back. I had intended to keep it as a specimen bow, but what's the point of a bow that doesn't get shot? So I decided to let him buy it and he was grinning from ear to ear. he was telling me that there is no comparison in the feel of the Yew as against his laminate. I knew I'd made the right decision to let it go, as I still have an off cut of the wood and it's blogged up on here for future reference.
Just added the pic of my old Yew longbow to illustrate that you don't need to follow a growth ring, this is a response to a question asked on one of my Youtube videos.

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