Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tri-Lam Glued Up

I did a dry run of the glue up to make sure everything would go smoothly. I spent a few quid on G clamps (you can never have too many).
Immediately before gluing I ran each surface on the belt sander to ensure it was clean. Having clamped it I proceeded to add rubber strapping between the clamps, this was a good thing, as I could see it squeezing out more glue. After doing the strapping I nipped the clamps up again.
Note, on the glue up I've added an extra clamp at each tip, I need the full length of the bow as the Purpleheart is only just long enough, so I want to make sure it's a good glue up right to the tip.

24 hours later, I've got it off the form, cleaned up the edges with a farriers rasp and I'm now running it through the bandsaw to an approximate shape. 26mm wide at the centre section (for about 2') then tapering to 15mm which will allow plenty of slimming down in the later stages.
I've trimmed off the ends so there are no odd laminations sticking out to get snagged. I'm very pleased with the glue line, e.g, you can't see it :-)
One pic shows a thin sliver taken off with the bandsaw where you can really see the glue line. It's worth all the time and preparation, 'cos if there are gaps, then it all needs re-doing.

I've just this minute glued on a 12" riser blcok made from an off-cut left over from the 3rpi Yew. I like to have bits of wood with some history behind them rather some bit of random hardwood from an old window frame. That's me done for the day, still a bit tired from my cold, but I've been doing 10 push ups night and morning which seems to have firmed up the tennis elbow and left shoulder... been shooting half a dozen or so every day and the decent grouping has returned.


  1. Replies
    1. Rings per Inch... I made a coarse grained Yew Warbow a few weeks back and it's an off-cut from that wood:-

  2. Replies
    1. Resintite, also sold as Cascamite etc...

  3. Thanks Derek! Any brand you recommend? I will try to order in Europe...

    BR Roman / Austria

  4. Perfect, found it - thanks a lot, BR from Austria