Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Prod Testing

The crossbow prod looks and feels pretty good, it's about 1/2" short of the full brace height and I haven't actually cocked it yet.
The nocks have been made much more substantial than the previous ones and have been reinforced and shaped by binding with fine linen thread which is soaked with low viscosity superglue as it is bound on. The glued thread is quite solid and can be filed and glued again.
I've videoed it being drawn so that I can look at the tiller.
I will tidy it up, enlarge the shoot through hole to take the larger fletchings of the commercial crossbow bolts, increase the brace height by twisting up the string and then eventually shoot it, with some trepidation.
Oh, yes, I must remember to glue on those horn string catchers that I'd put on the previous version, I'm sure they are a good thing.

In the pic where you can see the whole prod, you can see the line along the centre where I have put two slats together to give a flatter belly.

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