Sunday, 4 March 2018

Freezing Cold

I've not posted over the last week, mainly 'cos it's been too cold to do much out in the garage other than a few minutes here and there finishing some flight arrows for the 90# @ ~27" Yew longbow.
I've been a bit more thorough about noting dimensions etc and I've got 4 nice arrows with varying weights and centre of balance etc.
Two are rebuilt from the 26.5" arrows which had the tips broken off, these now have footings added to make 'em 28", that's allowing a little safety margin in length to remove the risk if sticking the point into the belly of bow at 27" draw.
Still too cold and wet to test 'em but maybe next weekend.

I've picked up the boo/Yew/boo crossbow prod which was slower than the original boo/Yew and I've taken the boo off the belly using my restored draw knife, it's a joy to use but too long to fit in my drawer. It's a bit lethal to leave it on the bench as the cutting edge is so long, so I'm making a leather wallet for it. I like working with leather and once it's all cut out and punched I can sit indoors in the warm to stitch it.
The game plan is to glue an Ipe belly onto the crossbow prod, it will all be guess work and may need 2 strips of Ipe side by side for each limb, as the stuff I have isn't that wide. If that fails I may have to resort to laminating a prod using glass or carbon fibre, not really my thing, but still an interesting project. It prob seems bonkers to some people that I'd be doing all that when I can but a reasonable crossbow for about £150. It's just the fun of it, to see what I can produce. Keeps me out of mischief too, mind I'm not sure how much mischief I could manage these days!
With the bit of snow we had I did manage to make a snow cat :-)

Oh, I've also noticed that the feedback tick boxes at the foot of each post seem to be working again, which is nice as I can see that I'm not boring everyone rigid... Google works in mysterious ways!

Been out in the garden, the ice covering pond is starting to thaw but I noticed 4 dead Rudd floating under the ice, these are descendants of fish that my brothers and I caught as kids. There should still be a reasonably healthy population. I expect Emily Cat will be trying to get 'em out when the ice finally clears.

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