Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Frogs and Crossbow Progress

The frogs were just becoming active the other week when we had a week long big freeze, since then I've found 6 dead frogs and I was getting worried that the population had been badly effected. Last year it was they had spawned by March 5th.

Yesterday I was relieved to see one cluster of spawn and a couple of frogs. This morning, at least 4 pairs were writhing about and a good deal of spawn.
 All is well with my froggy friends!

Mean while I've pulled the crossbow prod back to about 14" at 120-130#. Its reaching the point where drawing it further will merely cause set in the bow rather than giving more weight. With this in mind I've taken 1/2" off the track and moved the bow mount back.
I've added horn nock overlays as reinforcement  and also added the string catchers (neither  polished up yet), these have been glued onto rubber sheet and that then glued onto the limbs, hopefully this will help absorb shock.
I'm currently making the string, (well typing this and drinking tea really). I may get to test it today, but I'm taking things easy having given my back a little tweak (groan). I was working on the floor mending our vacuum cleaner... the cable retract mechanism had managed to jam the cable such that you could only pull about 3/4 of it out. I was wrestling the damn thing on the floor to try and get it apart, I reached over for a screw driver and felt the back give a nasty twinge... not too bad if I keep moving, but not a great aid to a good night's kip.

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