Thursday, 12 July 2018

A Bit of Courtesy

A while back I had a bloke want me to make him a longbow (ELB) which I did, he came to collect it in a bit of a rush as he was passing this way on business. Ideally I like people to collect a bow so I can see them shoot it.
I said to him to let me know how he got on with it taking great care to mention that as it's custom made for him I really do want to know in case it needs any tweaking.
Did I ever hear back? No...
It only takes an E-mail. Will I ever make that bloke another bow? Will I even respond to him if he does E-mail?

Compare and contrast with Ron who contacted me recently wanting a primitive. He was willing to wait a good while, but as I looked through my staves I just happened to have one that would suit his draw length. (See previous posts)
He lives a long way off so wanted the bow shipped, I don't like shipping bows, but I sent it UPS.
Within 30 minutes of him receiving it I got the following E-mail and attached a picture.

Bow arrived 30 minutes ago. Set nock. Warmed it up . Third end 20 yards on a 40 cm face. Beautiful bow shoots like a dream. Into the woods tomorrow and some 3ds. Many thanks Derek.

I was really happy to feel my work was appreciated and being used. If in the future the bow needs any attention I'll make sure it gets it.

Some people "get it"... others must think I'm like a supermarket with stuff on the shelf.

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