Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Final Stages

I'm looking for 40# at 26.5" ok, that's a bit too exact as the change from this summer heat to a cool autumn day will shift the weight by more than the equivalent of 1/2" of draw.
But that's not the point, it's good to have an exact target, however I seem to have a little more wood to remove yet. It's sometimes hard to know how to proceed for fear of spoiling the tiller, which is why video is so useful, I can sit here with my tea and toast watching it flex and ponder where to ease off the last few strokes of the rasp and scraper to bring it to the exact draw length and weight.
My normal practice is never to pull past the target weight, but in this case i wanted to check how it looked near full draw so I've gone a tad over to about 45# at 26".
The horn nock overlays have been done but not polished and the brace height is a tad low still.
I think I'll ease off the right tip a little to get that flexing a whisker more and get a string on it. Shooting 50 arrows or so will help it settle in and let me do some fine tuning and review the tiller.
I've got all the bark off the back and cleaned it up. On this stave the sap wood was thin enough to leave without de
crowning, so it has a lovely pristine back.
Ha! Never act in haste, I've just held a CD up to the full screen picture of the bow at full draw, that right limb looks damn near perfect, the left looks maybe a whisker stiff on the inner to middle 1/3.
I will take very little off, maybe a hint on the outer of the right and inner left. Overall the right could do to be a merest hint weaker.
 I'll prob' take a couple of light strokes of the cabinet rasp along the whole belly, or maybe it will be achieved by simply removing tool marks, rounding the edges and little scraping. It's very easy at this stage to remove too much and suddenly become underweight. Conversely it's easy to be too tentative and end up feeling that nothing is happening and be filled with trepidation and a sense of impending doom! That's why getting a string on it and shooting a few arrows is a good idea...
Oooh hoorah, string making... my fave', not... grrrr ;-)
Meanwhile tea and toast, while I leave it strung to see if it settles at all.

Interesting, having said all that, and had my tea and toast, I've gone back into the workshop and twisted up the string to get it to full brace and had a good look over the bow. Running my fingers over that upper (right) limb, I could feel a thick spot where it swells up right across the limb where there is a small plugged knot. I eased that down by rasping a little from the belly to make it feel all of nice even thickness. Putting it back on the tiller I've gained a bit more draw length, 40# at 25" so I'm pretty happy that it's just pretty much cleaning up to get me there now.
That thick spot was probably what I was seeing when I thought the right outer was stiff. It's all very subtle, and sometimes a bit of checking with calipers can pin point the problem.

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