Friday, 18 June 2010

Full Draw

The tiller is much better now, still slightly squareish (I'm being fussy and you may not see it or agree with my analysis).
There are reasons for this, a) because I've left it slightly stiff in the handle as there is a groove in the belly from where the log was split, and I don't want this to become a weak point and a focus for failure, so I've left extra wood around it. b) The natural deflex is at about the midpoint of each limb (where the corners of my imaginary square are, see the pic on the post of June 13th).
Anyhow, here's the pic. 40 pounds at 28".
The pic was a bit rushed this morning, so it's not quite square in the frame (note to self...wear glasses next time!).
Also the bow is supported fractionally too far to the right. Oh dear I'm getting a tad precious about it all now..

Looking between this and the last two pics is a good illustration of the tillering process. Doesn't that first shot look awful now!

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