Monday, 7 June 2010

The primitive Yew bow is coming along, it's nervy work as there isn't a great depth of heart wood at the edges, at the centre there is a good amount as it follows the curve of the growth rings.
Of course this curve of the heart wood can only be seen at the end of the stave.
To maximise the amount of heartwood, I'm working down through the sapwood, carefully trying to follow the growth rings. I took off a fair depth early on ripping through 3 or 4 rings at a time with the drawknife, but now I'm having to work more cautiously.
The figure on the belly is going to look splendid.
The handle has a lovely curve to it but it isn't very thick, because of this I've got to thin down the limbs before I can start to tiller it.
Obviously the grip needs to be the thickest part of the bow else it will just snap in the middle. Hopefully this process won't lose too much draw weight and I'll be thinking of getting a tillering string on it soon.
Slow and steady, a little and often is the key.
I think I'm all bowed out for the day!
More pictures next time!

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