Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Woo Hoo!

Update:- 138 fps tested through the chronometer.
A couple of pics here, she shoots really sweetly with a decent string (bracing height 5 3/4 " which is pretty high). Even I got a reasonable group (well ok it was only from 10 yards). I've put about 50 arrows through it to settle it in.

I pulled it back to 29.5" on the tiller, I'm sure it would make 30" but you have to stop somewhere.

It's on the tiller supported pretty close to how the hand would support the bow, and the hook pulling the string back actually has two prongs to simulate fingers and pull in a realistic manner, they are positioned correctly on the string.

It is a pretty accurate picture of the tiller as it would be in use.
I'm very satisfied, I could probably make it look even better if I fiddled it's position on the tiller, an actual full draw pic will be added later, and I'll shoot it through the chrono sometime.

The chap I'm making it for is picking it up on Friday, so I have a bit of time to buff up the finish and sign it.
Can't stop fiddling, just eased off a spot on the grip where the left thumb sits.
I've also re-checked the final draw weight, it's lost a couple of pounds during the final finish, shooting in and tweaking, which is perfectly normal. It now weighs in at 38 pounds at 28" .

At last a decent pic of the back of the grip. It's tricky photographing very pale shiny surfaces.

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