Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Getting Smoother

The tillering is coming on, it's now at full bracing height (or thereabouts). It's pulling 36 pounds at 24".
You can see the uneveness is still there but has been reduced considerably.
It has a slightly squareish look to the curve too, but you have to allow for the unstrung deflex reflex shape.

I still neeed to work on the final third of the right limb. Work needs to slow right down now, I may look for 40 pounds at 28" as this can be worked down.
The original spec' is 35-40, I wasn't sure how it would turn out at first, but there is a fair amount of defex and no real sign of string follow. I'll take it steady and see how it goes.
I may be tempted to try a 24" arrow out of it just to see how it feels.
Now that the tips are a bit thinner and narrower, since taking the pic' I've steamed a tad more reflex in to add a bit of weight match them better. Being thinner there is less strain on the wood, I only steamed the last 4" or so, by shoving the bow through the side of the steam chest. It should improve the look of that right limb a bit too.

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