Friday, 23 July 2010

The 2 Arrow Trick, and a late update!

When working on a bow with rectangular section limbs (flat bows) a good tip is to use a couple of arrow shafts to check that the limb is true all the way down (e.g not twisting).
It can also show if the back and belly are parallel to eachother, and that the two limbs are flat relative to eachother.
The length of the arrow shafts just maginfies the error making it clearly visible.
Here I've used rubber bands to hold the shafts onto the limb and it shows a little twist at the tip.
I've worked the bow down a good deal and will put a string on it soon. I'm probably going to be pretty vicious with it, as I want to find out if it will take the strain. Maybe I'll set the camera up in video mode to film it if it goes bang, safety glasses and a hard hat may be in order too.
I feel a bit ambivalent about this bow but it's good to try new stuff, I've not used Hawthorn and not tried straigtening a bow at the grip, so even if it goes bang it will be a learning experience.
The other pic shows me 'floor tillering' it. That's really just flexing it to see how it's looking before I put a string on it. The weird bend in the lower limb (it has a bit of deflex in the last 1/3 of the limb which is otherwise reflexed makes it look odd and the upper limb is a tad stiff at the moment. I may not bother steaming that limb into shape as it has nice quirky look.
NOTE:- The bow is upside down in the floor tillering pic... that's because it's easier to see the lower limb, so I try it both ways up. Just happened to get the pic taken with it upside down.

I found a string which is the same length as the bow, I couldn't resist putting it on and drawing it. Of course it's not full draw as the bow isn't braced, but it gives me an idea of how it will be. The top limb looks to be bending sharply back at the handle, but that's just the shape of the stave. I think I probably will steam the limb and grip next as it's begining to feel promising. I just hope I don't get suckered into doing tons of work and then find it breaking. The string lies off to one side and I could feel the bow trying to twist in my hand, the draw weight felt about 30-40 pounds, which will increase when it's braced and the limb straightend.

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