Sunday, 25 July 2010

Destined for the 'Corner of Shame'?

The bow pulls back ok, but some of the reflex I'd put in has pulled out and the twisted grain area seems stiff. The other limb is too strong.
So by the time I've worked down the strong limb, it'll probably be a kid's bow. Sometimes it's like that, once you've worked out all the dodgy areas there's not much bow left.
I shall persevere and stream some extra recurve back in, I'll leave it longer to dry out again this time. I get the feeling that too much correction ends up turning the wood into pudding, now that's just opinion, could be all sorts of reasons, the most likely being my impatience.
The one thing I won't be doing is getting drawn into shortening the limbs in an attempt to bring up the draw weight. It's a wise man who knows when to quit.
I shall finish it off, but with a view to it being a ladies or kids draw weight bow.
I'll have to look out for a nicer piece of Hawthorn as it feels like nice wood.

On the plus side, bending it at the handle to alighn the limbs worked out very well.
Oh yes, the other good thing is the 'Perma-Grit' ( small needlefile I bought, it's brilliant for nocks, a normal needle file is too fine and slow and clogs, the permagrit file is tungsten carbide grit brazed onto a steel shaft, it was about £5 but it's a V good tool, cuts fast and clean.

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