Monday, 12 July 2010

The Comfy Chair

I've de-barked the Yew stave I'm working on. I'll share some of my thoughts on using a spoke shave. It's a very versatile tool, I only aquired mine about a year ago and it's a firm favourite... There's no 'wrong way' to use one, it works well bevel side up or down, pushing or pulling. Sometimes I hold the left handle still and work the right one back and forth. You rip off take off big fat shavings, or hold it with the handles vertical and push it away from you like a scraper taking off very fine scrapings.
One of the big problems with a stave is how do you hold the darned thing firmly, these pics show a few of the tricks I use and where the 'comfy chair' comes in (or rather a cushion I rescued from an old one).
Please excuse my state of dishabille as it's been rather hot.

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