Sunday, 11 July 2010

Saxon Bow

I've been away for a short break up near the Dunstable Downs, some nice old hill forts there. Totternhoe Castle (Totternhoe knolls) was surprisingly spectacular, a steady walk up a wooded track and then out onto a clearing and up a reasonable sized mound. The panoramic view from the top was glorious as you didn't realise how high it was until you reached the top, some very steep banks and ditches too.
I always wonder how far an arrow would carry from the top of these hill forts. Enough musing here are some pics of the Saxon Bow which I re-worked from an old Elm Longbow.

You can see it really is bending in the handle.

I like to do new stuff, so for this bow I made a linnen string, it wasn't too difficult, but it's not easy to descibe. I won't waste the effort trying! Suffice it to say I followed the desription in The Traditional Bowyers Bible vol II which has an excellent section on strings. It's made out of 3 plies, each of 5 strands of linnen thread (bought from Quicks Archery), each strand has a breaking strain of about 8-10 pounds.

The first pic has my adjustable tillering string on it. below is a pic showing the side nocks and the linnen string, it also gives a good view of the Elm with it's nice 'hen pheasant' colour and grain.

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