Thursday, 3 March 2011

Full Draw

This is a pic of full 31" draw after a bit of tweaking.
Initially I got my wife to take a pic of me at full draw with a 31" arrow but it didn't look quite right, I could see the nocking point was a bit high and the lower third of the bottom limb was a whisker stiff, this was probably accentuated by the longer draw which I hadn't really had a good look at before.

I popped into the workshop moved the nocking point down and took a few light scrapes off the belly of the lower limb near the end... (That's 4 coats of Danish oil which need to go back on now damn!)
Took another pic and it looks spot on now.
All this shows the typical bowyers tendency to worry and over analyse, constantly looking for subtle errors in the curve. It also illustrates the importance of knowing when to quit and when to be true to your own instinct and just do that tiny bit more.
The second pic shows it unbraced, you can see that there's very little string follow.

The red serving on the string isn't my usual, I had to redo it with a thinner serving as the arrows were a bit tight on the string. I'm sure that's why my shooting was so average on Sunday (cough splutter).
I bought a string serving tool which makes the job much quicker and is much kinder on my knuckles which would always ache a bit after making as string.
I'd not used a serving tool before and the instructions were almost non existent, however there were a couple of videos on Youtube which showed one being used which got me up the learning curve, although the finishing off of the serving is still one of those jobs which would be easier with three hands.

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