Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Bit Straighter

After two bouts of heat bending, and some slimming down in between you can see it's much straighter now.
The aim is to get the tips and handle in line rather than straightening out all the bends.
I've also lost a bit of a deflex dip from the limb.
You can see the area I've heated by the discolouration. A bit of heat bending on the other limb and it will be in line.
The other pic shows me at work on the shave horse penciling in a line to follow the grain where it dips by a knot. I need to leave some extra strength there, but I don't want a great mass of excess wood, it's all feel/eye/guesswork.
By the way it's 76.5" long now, so I still have plenty to play with.
Iv'e got it back on the heat jig with the hot air gun blowing at 210C on the central portion of the other limb, a straightish section between two knots.
I don't want to actually try and bend it at a knot as that's a weak point and I don't want any aditional strain on a weak point. I'll leave it half an hour and then go and heave it into line and clamp it. A few days rest for the wood will be in order before I start really trying to see how if it will bend like a bow.

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  1. Good to see it's moving along quickly ;)