Thursday, 22 September 2011

On the Tiller

It's just flexing, that's about 35 pounds pull on it in the pic. It's reasonably symetrical, I had to take a bit off the belly of the right limb and decrown it just a whisker near the handle mostly to get to this stage. I also plugged a small oblique knot which looked sound on the belly but was surrounded by a thin black line on the back, previous experience has taught me to pick away at the black stuff and really see how deep it goes.

The right limb is still a bit stiffer than the left, but this is the start, the next real step is getting the limb tips back to bracing height (just another inch or so) and shortening the string.

I've narrowed the tips a bit and improved the alignment of tips and handle.
I'm resisting the temptation to remove the hint of deflex near each end and to remove the twist, I'm keen to build it clean simple and honest and to let the wood do what it wants.
Doubtless more pics later or tomorrow, onwards and upwards, slow and steady as she goes.

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