Monday, 5 September 2011

Tiller Pic with update.

I pride myself on showing what I do 'warts and all'. Well here's a pic of how it looks unbraced and braced on the tiller. You can see it's awful, but the question is why?
I think the heat straightening I'd previously done had stiffened up certain parts of the right limb.
you can see the right limb is bending a lot near the handle and the left bending hardly at all at that point.
The usual way to tiller a bow is to mark the weak points and remove wood from everywhere else (and especially the stiff points).
I'm having to stiffen up that weak area with heat treatment and take out that slight deflex first as I can't afford to loose any draw weight.
It's not going to be easy, but hopefully I'll get it looking like a bow eventually.

I've heat treated the handle end of the right limb, here's a before and after shot (the after shot is the lower of the two)
I can't brace it and try it out until the limb has had a couple of days rest. What I can do is press on and get the rest of the limb, and the other limb heat treated... it's a bit of a slow laborious task, just as well I enjoy making bows!

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  1. I feel I should be doing a drum roll!