Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nearly There

40 pounds at 25.5"
It's just down to a little tweaking, cleaning up all the rasp marks & tidying the back with a file and scraper.
I'll slim down the tips and add decent nocks too.
The right limb looks to come out straight from the grip and then kink down a bit, I think it's probably a bit of an illusion, due to a small knot, but I'll have a carefull look.
Overall the tiller is looking pretty good, it's too late to do much adjustment now, but the last few inches of draw will give me a chance to just smooth it out a whisker.
The twistiness doesn't seem to be causing any real problems, but I'll only really know when I start shooting it.
I've glued a chunk of Waterbuffalo horn onto one nock, the other is still the temporary scrap of softwood.
I won't try and get it done for tomorrow as it will need some shooting in and tweaking to get the best out of it. Those twisted limbs may well still settle dow a bit too.
I'll have to decide which of my other bows to shoot tomorrow, probably the 50#Yew longbow or my trusty little 40# Hazel

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