Saturday, 21 January 2012

90# Bow Drawn to 29" on Tiller

The video pretty much does what it says, unfortunately you can't quite see the poundage at full draw due to my head.
I start off with the bow apparently skewed on the tiller, the bow is supported where it will be held by (approx centre) the string is being pulled sightly above that, where the arrow will be nocked. This effect doesn't matter too much on a longbow and you'll see it straightens up as it gets drawn back. It can be problematic on a shorter bow and if a bow is actually clamped on the tiller and pulled from dead centre it can give a false impression of how the limbs will bend in use.

Just found the off cut from the end of the stave, I've polished it up so you can see the end grain, I've made 2 marks 1" apart to give an idea of scale. You can see the grain is tight on the left side, then it becomes wider just under the sapwood, then the actual sapwood has tight grain (but it doesn't really show as it's so white).

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