Monday, 23 January 2012

Arrow plate and final tiller

I took a few scrapes off the lower limb and did an arrow rest.
If you zoom in you can just about read the scale, 90# at 28".
The arrow plate is of the same pale Waterbuffalo horn.
I wasn't sure if I should add the plate, but then, I then remembered I hadn't started out trying to make a Mary Rose copy so I feel its appropriate.
It's a nice compromise having the plate but no leather grip. The bow is clean and simple and the pale horn is a subtle colour. Black would be nice but too strong a contrast, I think it all looks 'of a piece' .
It just needs a few more coats of Danish oil and then a final wipe with beeswax polish.
I don't expect I'll shoot it much more, maybe a few final shots up on the old airfield.
The knuckles of my right hand are slightly swollen and sore and I feel like there is an axe embedded somewhere under my right shoulder blade!
The bow was made for a guy who had a 60# Yew longbow from me last year, and I'm sure he'll be able to give it plenty of exercise.

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