Thursday, 19 January 2012

Finishing, fettling and dent removal

Over the weekend I'll be doing more finishing on the 90# bow, taking out the final few tool marks adding an arrow plate and applying several coats of Danish oil.
Being so long the bow had picked up a shallow but sharp edged dent in the sapwood where it had hit the top of a door frame.
I've often read that the applying the back of a hot spoon will lift out a dent, but I don't think I've tried it.
I poured a mug of boiling water and put a tea spoon in it for a few seconds, pressed the back of the spoon firmly onto the dent, hey presto no more dent!
So that certainly works on Yew.
I managed a couple of shots with the 90# bow into the garage, it was much more controlled and nearer a good clean draw. I'd tried the big arrows with my 75# longbow and found that my natural draw length was a bit shorter than those arrows anyway so I had to really work at keeping the left arm well out, opening my chest and getting the right elbow right back. I found I could get to my natural draw and then pull the last inch or so... well at least I managed it for two arrows and hit about where I was aiming. There's not much room just outside the garage door, so I feel happy that I'll be able to manage it much better by Sunday.
The pic shows the penetration.
It's been dull and raining most of the day, once we get some brighter weather I'll take some nicer pics and hopefull get the elusive full draw shot showing the whole bow.

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