Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shooting the 90# Longbow

Blimey it's a struggle, I can't quite get back to a full draw, but I'm not far off now.
Unfortunately I couldn't shoot for distance as the field was full of sheep.

We also had a 'hunters trail' shoot at the club where we set off at 5minute intervals along a marked trail shooting at an unknown number of unmarked targets, 3Ds and animals painted on foam blocks, (I used my little Hazel 40# bow for that). The shooting was rather disturbed by some horrible shrieking as a walker, with his dog, on the adjacent land had scared a Muntjac deer which had then got tangled in barbed wire. Eventually one of our blokes got over there with some wire cutters and freed it.
The arrows I'm shooting in the video are 28 3/8" to the base of the point, so I'm only pulling to about 27"
I've extracted a still from the original higher deffinition video, so you can see. The posted video is at lower resolution else it take for ever to download.

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  1. Beautiful looking bow Del!