Monday, 25 June 2012

Final, Final Tiller adjustment

Having been angsting for days about the draw weight of the bow and it's slightly stiff lower limb, I gently ran the rasp down the sides of the last third of the lower limb.
Removing wood from the sides has less effect on the poundage and ideally should remove more mass than taking it off the belly (for the same change in draw weight).
I cleaned it up with the scraper and put it back on my newly adjusted tiller. It looked a bit better and was drawing 25.5 pounds at 24", great! Previously it was about 27.5 which I felt was just a little too much.
It seemed to shoot a trifle smoother and sweeter, but that's probably just my fond imagining and the fact that having shot a hundred plus arrows over the last few days I'm getting my eye in!

These two pics illustrate what I was saying in the last post.
The tiller looks lovely now (it's at 26" ~ 30#) 24" is now about 26# so that's about 2 pounds an inch so we can extrapolate to give 34# at 28" which will be ok to grow into.

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