Monday, 18 June 2012

Yew Kids Longbow

It's great to get back to working on a bow.
The problem with this bow is I don't really know the height of the intended recipient, the draw length or draw weight! I'm aiming for 30# at 26" as a reasonable start point. I don't expect she draws 26" so the weight should be manageable. Hopefully I  can get it shootable and let her have a try out before finishing it.
Here are unbraced, braced and 30# at 18" pictures to show the progress. Whoops I got into the shot a bit, but it shows the bow still.
The stave has a bit of natural deflex, which I'm not going to do anything about as it will help to keep the draw weight low, and make it easier to string.
It's back to 30# at 20" now, with a bit more flex in the right limb. I expect I'll have it back another couple of inches by tonight.

I'm not being too fussy about following rings on the back, in fact I just took it down to a reasonable thickness with the spokeshave. I've since tidied it up a bit with the rasp, coarse side then the fine file side. With such a light bow there won't be too much room at the tips for excess sapwood, so I'll just have to reduce it as needed. I'll try and keep it as even as pos and follow a ring if it happens to work out that way.

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