Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kid's Yew ELB Full Draw

I've been told the vital figures for the bow, I'm looking for 25# at 24". Which is pretty much the same as the 30# at 26" I'd been aiming for!
The problem with this sort of thing is:- I pull the bow back to 25# and it's 22". I then winch it back so I can step back and have a look but, as I stand and watch I can see the scale needle creeping downward as the bow relaxes slightly until it's 25# at 24"
This is all quite normal. However relaxing a few pounds on a 60# bow is hardly noticeable, but a few pounds on a 25 pounder starts to look significant. Anyhow, I've stopped tillering for now and will think about nocks, grip and arrow plate. .
The recipient is a 12yr old girl who is 'quite girlie' so I'll go for a Mother of Pearl arrow plate and I have some nice bright red leather for the grip, I might even have some slightly pinkish stuff.
I've just re-strung it and taken a pic' it looks like it's back to 30# @ 24" ! You can see the shape is rather good now.The left tip looks a tad stiff, but there's a hint of natural reflex near that tip. I may have a closer look and rasp a whisker off the belly over that last 1/4 of the limb. Fitting the nocks will allow some re-tillering of the tips anyway as they will get significantly slimmed
Currently it's got a rough sanded finish, so by the time I've given it a good going over and shot it in it will probably be about the right weight, I'd rather have it over than under at the moment, as simply leaving it strung for half an hour would doubtless settle it down to about the right weight. No good making it 25 @ 24" if it's going to relax 5 pounds over a mornings shoot.
The Ash kids bows I made for the club ages ago (the first post on my blog I think) are pretty much like sticks of rhubarb now, mainly due to the silly specification, too short and too low a draw weight.

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