Saturday, 15 September 2012

Getting Close (video)

I've got it at a low brace and been flexing it to 55# at about 25", so it's pretty close now.
This video will let me see where those last few inches of draw can come from.
The left limb is a tad stiff (outer 2/3) compared to the right, but some of that is to compensate for the assymetry of a bow. The right tip could flex more too, and theres a stiff bit about 1/4 of the way from the grip.
Watching it flex dynamically gives a more complete picture than the static full draw view, which looks pretty good.
I shall work very slowly now, trying to even up the tiller, cleaning up the back, slimming the tips and  rounding the belly and edges whisker.
I'm probably aiming for just over 50 at 28", but I couldn't resist working it to 55#.

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