Monday, 10 September 2012


I've been over the limbs of the Maple ensuring the thickness taper is fairly even (about 1mm every 4") and I've narrowed the outer third of each limb a bit (1/2" wide at the tips now) It's looking better on the tiller and coming back to 17" at 50# on a low brace height.
A tiny bit of set (about 1/2") was beginning to show so I'm heat treating it now, one limb at a time with it strapped up about straight. That's to say I'm just taking out the little bit of set.
I've got the heat gun jigged up an inch or so above the belly and I run it for 5-6 minutes then move it along an inch or two.
A kitchen timer is invaluable in preventing me from forgetting it and scorching the wood.
Be be be beep be be be beep. Whoops time to go and move it!
While I was out in the garage checking the first few burst to make sure the time was about right I had a go cleaning up the Oregon Yew billets on the belt sander.
I'm not trying to get them absolutely flat along their length, but flat across and gently undulating to retain some of the feel of the natural timber.
I'm slightly surprised that the sander doesn't take it down quicker, but that's probably an advantage. If I'd got a huge old industrial one I'd probably be wrecking stuff!
I'll have a go thinning down the bamboo slat which I have to back it with later on.
I'll get both limbs heat treated today, then they can be resting for a couple of days.

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