Sunday, 23 September 2012

Maple Bow Gets an Outing

Took it to the club. It shoots pretty fast and hard, we have a marked out 180 yards (not sure quite how accurate it is) I shot to see how far it would go, one of the guys said "you'll be lucky to make 180", it's slightly up hill but the wind was across and slightly behind. I was rather smug when it dropped the arrows 12 paces beyond the marker (5/16 shafts 100gn points).
On the way to the shoot I stopped off at Hertford Town Hall to take some pics as they have two fine sculptures of stags.
The full draw picture shows off the character in the top limb and the elliptical tiller.
It's had about 50 shots through it now and feels pretty good, the grip needs a bit of tweaking and there's the arrow plate and more sanding and finishing, but she's looking good.
PS. the baseball cap is on backwards so that the string doesn't catch the peak at full draw... it's not a fashion statement ;)

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