Friday, 14 September 2012

Maple Progress

The heat treating has done it's job, the 1/2" of set has been removed and at 50# it doesn't pull back as far (I've gone back to a taut string rather than a low brace).
I've taken the spokeshave to the outer 2/3 of the limbs and the wood feels much crisper. The darkening of the wood is still visible after several passes with the spokeshave so the heat has penetrated well into the wood.
It's bending more now, back to about 20" at 50# on the taut string, but I'm thinking it's rather a short bow for 28" draw.
So, how do you lengthen a bow?
You can actually splice a few inches of extra tip on, a bit like the Siyahs (levers) on an Asiatic Horsebow, an extra inch or two doesn't have much leverage on the join so you can get away with it.
I don't want to do it on this bow, as I want it nice and clean and simple. The other way is to extend the other end of the limb by reducing the length of the grip.
I cut back the grip by about and inch on the upper limb and blended the grip into the limb, back onto the tiller and the draw length at 50# had increased by an inch. The grip has been narrowed a bit to give me an idea how much I have to play with.
You can see it's looking more like a bow now, but the outer limbs are still not working hard enough. and the right limb is a bit stiff.


  1. It's coming along fine! How long is it? I painted my recurved maple shortie today, came out nice. I had read the wood is a diva, but I find it quite straightforward.

  2. Its 62" tip to tip, I find it really nice wood to work with and it's a hint darker and more attractive than the Hazel.
    The funny little swooping knot at the top nock will probably end up looking really good
    It's coming back nicely now. I'll probably have it close to full draw later today. I'll post a cip of it flexing on the tiller.