Monday, 15 October 2012

Bark On Hazel Video + Update + Explain More

The bark on Hazel is making good progress, and has moved on since the video which shows it coming back to about 22".
The outer 1/3 - 1/2 of the left (lower limb) is a bit stiff and the right limb is also a tad stiff at the outer 1/2, but you can see it's fairly even and flexing nicely.
I've lightly run a wire brush over the bark along the length of the bow in the hope that it will help the Linseed oil and beeswax polish soak in.
Hopefully by tonight it will be somewhere close to full draw and I can get a few shots from it.
Update:- Up to 40# at about 25" now, shot a few arrows through it, looking good. The nice feature knot has broken through, it's not very big, but a nice talking point, with features like this you can tease the target archers by telling 'em it's a peep sight for shooting down hill.  :)

Explain More!
Maybe that phrase 'broken through' needs explaining as it sounds rather alarming. I've been removing wood slowly from the belly using rasp, file and scraper to make the outer limbs flex more and get me towards full draw at 40#.
The belly side of that knot/groove feature originally looked like a dark pin prick. As I removed wood from the belly it gradually became larger until it showed as a black oval about the size of the sharpened lead tip of a pencil. I felt it with the point of a needle file and it was soft, so I carefully excavated it and found it opened out to the other side. I' cleaned it out and threaded some string through which I could work back and forth to clean and polish it.
I hope that was what was required. I think 'tease target archers' speaks for itself ;)

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