Monday, 1 October 2012

Not Going to Rush

Nah, not going to get the heat treating done today, but I'm getting in pulling back slowly. I'm not exceeding 45# whereas last time I probably pulled it to 55# at times.
I'm trying to ease it back to brace height with a nice even tiller and no set before I heat treat, which I only want to do once.
I've got a taut string on it which helps me adjust the string line.
The thickness is slowly coming down and I'm relying much more on my eyes and fingers to tell me if I have any thin areas.
I think I've been getting sucked into too much analysis and measurement with all this talk of elliptical tiller rather than using my eye and gut!
It's fine to think about all this stuff but it boils down to a lump of wood flexing in an even manner, not really a job for a load of maths. Maths is just a tool and like any tool, there's a right time and way to use it.
I'll keep pottering along a little and often and maybe get it heat treated tomorrow night.

Why a little and often?
Well I look at one edge of the bow and think it looks a bit thicker this edge than t'other, then I put it on the shave horse and look again... now it looks like the other edge may be the thicker. Time to stop and do this and have a cuppa.
Too easy to get drawn into overthink. When in doubt .

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