Saturday, 20 October 2012

Maple 50# vs Hazel 40# Chrono' Test

I shot the hazel bark-on bow at the club today, it performed well, but I was slightly disappointed it didn't make the 180 yard mark (no wind, damp, slightly up hill) but that's being a bit silly as the 50# Maple bow only just made it.
Time for a shoot off through the chrono, but first I reduced the tip width on the hazel to make the string sit better and loose some mass. It still weighs in at about 43# but I can always scrape off a pound or two if necessary.
Chrono results.
Hazel approx average 150 fps.  maximum registered 154
Maple approx average 163fps maximum registered 168.4

Both very respectable and roughly in line with the 100fps plus draw weight rule of thumb.
The pleasing thing is that the Hazel easily beat my old 40# Hazel (136).
I tried both 70gn and 100gn points but it didn't seem to make any noticeable difference. Both bows handle the 100gn points well and that extra bit of weight helps make 'em less flirty when there's some breeze or they hit a leaf or two.
I've added an antler arrow pass to the bark on bow now and finished sanding it, it seems to have settled to about the 40# now.
Because of the linseed oil and beeswax polish on the back I can't use Danish oil (it won't take over wax). I shall put a tiny patch of varnish on the belly so that I can sign it without the ink bleeding into the wood, then I'll varnish over that (trying not to smear it) then give it plenty of beeswax polish.
I should have some pics of it finished tomorrow if it stop raining.
That will be may last primitive of the year, I've some longbows to make a start on by splicing some billets next.

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