Thursday, 17 April 2014

Monkey Bow Lives!

I cut off the split bit of limb, re-shaped them to match each other, spliced on a few inches of Ash and an overlay of Laburnum. This gave me about 4" increase in bow length.
It's ended up at about 40# at 26", There was a slight cracking noise as I pulled it back to a real full draw, it was just the very inner edge of one of the overlays lifting a tad. They are held on with superglue, so a spot of low viscosity superglue will tack it down.
It's  more of a show bow and a bit of fun rather than a real work horse. The big natural deflex means I can pull it into a fairly extreme bend.
First time I've used Elder, and I'm looking forward to trying the better longer reflexed piece I have seasoned. Once I've really cleaned up the feature Monkey face I'll post a pic. I've shot a few arrows from it to tune up the arrow pass. I'll make a string and give it a work out, prob' call the maximum draw 24"
Here's a frame grab from the video at 26" draw.
It's 58" nock to nock.

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