Monday, 14 April 2014

Monkey Bow New Levers

I did new levers, got the geometry just pretty good , although the right lever lifts first, you can see the string is just about to lift off at 50#. There is plenty of wood on the levers to allow some adjustment.
I had thought I should bind the splices

with linen thread soaked in epoxy, but this is just an experiment and I couldn't be bothered. Watch the video and you'll see why Monkey is so shocked!

I think what happened is:- As the string lifts off the join the lever comes into play and exerts a large force on the splice which splits it open like a wedge. A binding of thread may well have stopped it happening. Hmmm, I'll know next time. Still it's been an interesting geometry lesson.
Looking closely at the video in slo mo, it also looks as if the bow flips, that is to say the levers aren't correctly aligned and it pulls the tip towards the camera, hence the way it spins towards the camera... I still haven't found the missing end! there is maybe enough limb left to make a little shortie bow, it will be nice if I can keep the Monkey face.
And there's two free bowmaking lessons.
1. Don't be greedy going for too much draw weight.
2. Don't think "I can't be bothered " and spoil the ship for a ha'poth of tar!
Do not despair dear reader, Monkey Bow will live on in the hearts of men! (whooop whooop) I've managed to reshape the split upper limb and done the lower to match. I will splice on a V short extension to each limb (adding say 1-2") with the point of the V being the limb tip this time, this will be reinforced on the back with an overlay which will be part of the join and the nock. I'll aim for a short draw say 24" at about 40# or what ever I can get out of it, it will just be a novelty bow and of course a learning exercise.

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