Monday, 28 April 2014

Refurb' Progress

Here's a couple of pics showing the the initial sorry state of my poor old bow, and how after some steam and heat work it's a bit refreshed.
I'm going to do horn nocks which will allow me to slim the tips substantially.
The target weight is 70# at 28". I've checked it at 21" (I did some arithmetic and worked out I was looking for about 43# at 21") this allowed me to look at the tiller without over stressing the bow and forcing the set back into it.
It looks like I have a few pounds to play with, so I can slim the outer thirds a tad and get them moving a bit more. If necessary I can always beef up the heat treatment on the lower limb as take out a little more set. I was keen not to be too greedy initially.
The real aim is to see if I can get it to throw an arrow further than it's original 220 yards.
The fat grip has been slimmed down and I've removed the Ivory arrow plate and rasped away the wood so you can't see where it was (I never did like that arrow plate).
When I first made the bow, I allowed too much extra wood at the grip to allow for the big knot. I've relieved it a bit to let more of the bow flex. The original draw weight was about 75# at 28.

That's about it for me until I'm back from the USA. I've got 3 bows, 8 arrows and a couple of Damascus steel knife billets in my plastic drain pipe. Some stuff in a holdall and my passport at the ready. A couple of days at the day job and I'll be up early to jet off.

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