Monday, 1 December 2014

Target Bow Nearly Finished

I've got the nocks done, and carefully shaped them so the string sits well away from the limbs to satisfy any BLBS pedants. It's a whisker over 40# (42.6#) but that can be lost with a little fettling.
No problems of reflex or deflex this time...Here's full draw and the nocks taken with the bow braced (they are not fully polished yet).
It needs a string, arrow plate and grip.
Update:- Got the string made and tried some test shots, pretty smooth, but it will benefit from a grip, the boo backing is a tad hard and square in the hand. I tried some shots from the 35# Deflex Reflex bow which this is to replace. The DR is faster I think, but not much in it. I may get the tips on this bow working a bit more and that will loose the extra couple of pound excess draw weight.

There has been a lot of discussion of tillering on one of the forums. Maybe this picture of an ellipse drawn to match one limb may help.
The ellipse is centred on the edge of the grip/fade area. It's a fairly rounded ellipse rather than my usual arc of a circle. Quite a good fit.

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