Saturday, 28 February 2015

BBY Longbow Gets a Work Out

The longbow shoots really well and fast too, it was a drizzly day but I went up the club and got some good shooting.
18 3D targets, well 17 really as I couldn't be arsed to do the last as I was tiring and I'd have had to wait to climb up a muddy mound as I was shooting with a group of mates and only one could get up there at a time.

The pic shows my last shot of the day. First arrow inner kill mind it was only at about 18 yards. I took the laser range finder so some of the guys could have a try of it. Not allowed to use anything like that at a real shoot of course, but it was interesting to check out our distance estimating skills, which turned out to be pretty good.
I'll fiddle and fettle the bow a whisker, get it on the tiller to check the poundage then do an arrow plate and grip.

Dunno if you will be able to see the arrow trajectory in the video...
I've had it on the tiller and it's about 44#. I must be below par fitness wise as it feels heavier than that, maybe the early draw weight is high. I'll have to measure the speed, see how it compares with other bows.
I've chrono'd it. I only shot 3 arrows:-
That confirms what I suspected... It's fast.

I had a few shots of the flight bow, it was disappointing, maybe it's over built and is really a 50# bow in disguise, or maybe I was just under drawing it...

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