Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hazel Flight Bow Nearly There

It's a tad disappointing insofar as it's lost a fair bit of reflex, but the limbs are moving nicely and it's about 35# at 25"

I'll have to compare the limb movement with the original bow. I suspect the working limb length is shorter, and maybe the rapid seasoning of the wood hasn't helped. Hmmm that smacks of getting my excuses in early! It doesn't take much effort to string it, but the real test will be speed through the chrono.

The full draw pic may be a little deceptive. Due to the shape of the grip the bow isn't free to rock on it's support, however it looks like the mid limb on the upper (right) limb may need easing off a tad. That should get me the last inch of draw to 35# at 26". The brace height need to come up a whisker too. Pic on the right shows the string line.

I've prettied up the riser and it looks rather handsome even it it's rough rasped state. Maybe if the bow is a flop I'll carefully cut the limbs out of the riser and re-use it.
Here are some pics and video. Next step, make a string and test shoot it. The limb tips need narrowing too, but it will be fun to get a shot out of it.

Woo hoo. Just tried some first shots.
I had to do a kissy kissy target archer style draw, but it seemed to ping 'em down range rather nicely. of course the chrono will tell the real story, but that's for another day when I've got some cut down arrows to avoid overdrawing it.
I also want to re-weight the original Hazel bow to see if I can get a fair comparison.

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