Sunday, 15 February 2015

Boo backed Yew Glued up

I've been busy, the bamboo backed Yew is glued up and strapped into a little reflex while the glue cures.
It will be ready to have some temporary nocks glued on and be tried on the tiller tomorrow. I hope it has enough draw weight to play with.
It won't have all that reflex when it it's taken off the former, and by the time it's tillered there just be the merest hint. More pics tomorrow.

I've also got my next try for a flight bow ready for it's bamboo backing. I've spliced a couple of Yew billets together with some deflex and heated a little reflex into the limbs. When the bamboo back is glued on I'll pull it into a fairly strong deflex reflex shape. The billets are pretty thin so I think it will withstand a good bend and a fair bit of reflex... time will tell.
 This flight bow will have a minimal grip and maybe no arrow shelf, I may be able to shoot it as a "primitive" in NFAS field shoots, not sure I'll have to consider the rules... is it based on any recognisable primitive bow style???? I dunno lets see what it looks like when it's done. I wouldn't mind shooting a lighter bow for a while as I've got a niggle between my shoulder blades. Picked it up on the last field shoot, I got cold when we stopped for lunch and pulled something when we re-started. We'd been hanging around waiting as there was a queue on the first after lunch target. Don't need any of that 'warming up' stuff when you are 18, but these days, I need to think about what I'm doing.

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