Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I'd got the patch done last night, took the strapping off this morning before going to work and roughed it down a bit.
Home from work I've bended it in, strung it and it looks good, a little work here and there and I went for it a good full draw, it felt smoother and I was more confident. maybe I'm being fanciful or maybe I could feel that small knot binding up before.
Actually there was a pair of knots one going out to each side from the centre. You can still see a hint of the "good" one to the left of the patch.
Lower left in the pic is the start of the grip and you can see the darker wood where it's been heat treated. I didn't get a perfect grain match, but I was keen to use some of my fine straight grained Yew.

I feel I can press on now and get it finished. I'll be sure to give it at least a hundred arrows before I declare it fit for purpose. Once it's all polished and waxed it will look great with a relatively clean lower limb and some nice features on the upper. I Haven't measured the draw weight, but my guess is about 48#. The bow still has some reflex at the tips and a tiny whisker of set on the inner limbs, it seems to weigh nothing and I'm hoping it will be fast.

As it's for a left hander I may make a thumb ring so I can shoot it right handed but with the arrow on the right of the bow (as it will be for a left hander). The thumb release kicks the string the opposite way to the three finger (Mediterranean) loose.

The lateral bend returned despite all efforts.
In the end I sawed it in half, re-aligned it and made it a take-down, see later posts.

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