Monday, 2 March 2015

Grip and Arrow Plate Done

All it needs now is final taking out of any slight tool marks, a coat of Danish oil every night and morning for a few days  a coat or two of beeswax polish and a good buffing up.
The pics look a tad dull  and dusty as It's not been buffed up.

Too sunny and you get reflections too dull and it looks flat, hard to get photos that actually do it justice.

I'll have a break from bows for a bit while I try to make a sculpture on the theme "Jazz".
It seemed like a good idea when I offered to do it, and I have ideas whne I'm playing "Take 5" in the car...
Saw Dave Brubeck at the Barbican once.

Anyhow the problem is getting what is in my head as ideas to become reality, I'll prob do a little model (maquette if we are being posh) first.
Problem with that is, the maquette can look great and spontaneous and the final thing end up like it's been built by a firm of civil engineers!
Still it will be a refreshing change.

My Son had a go with some of the bows, so I took some pics, here is the flight bow and Monkey Bow.
It shows the difference in full draw shape.
Note:- The bows are canted so, look slightly odd. E.G top limb looks extra long as it's closer to the camera.


  1. I heard you talk about a break from bowmaking before...
    Anyway, have fun with the sculpture, it's great work and you chose a challenging theme.

  2. Hi, don't s'pose it will be a long break, just a week or two. I'll soon be back at it!