Saturday, 7 March 2015

This and That!

The chap I'd made the Bamboo backed Yew longbow came over to get it and seemed very pleased with how it shot.

I shaped the grip of the flight bow and tried it today as a field bow, it felt odd have low draw weight but it performed pretty well. It took a good few shots before I stopped thinking about the bow and just looked at the target. I went down to' medieval corner' and tried it for distance, it shot a couple of arrows about 180 yards which is pretty good. There a little twist in one of the limb, I'll do a little work on it and probably shoot it next weekend at Avalon

The sculpture is coming along.
I've made a model of it which is evolving and I'm also working on a slightly larger version with the base painted a nice gloss black.

It's supposed to represent my visualisation of Dave Brubeck's "Take 5", Now you all know that piece even if you don't recognise the name...

The sculpture sort of reads left to right, a couple of bars of intro, with the verticals being the beat, the swooping band of Yew is the saxophone... there is other stuff added in, but less is more sometimes.

The scale of some of the elements will change in the final piece, the Yew will be more of a feature.
It represents about 14 seconds of the piece, but the intro is somewhat compressed to two bars.
If I tried to represent the whole piece the sculpture would be about 30 yards long!

Nice moon last night, got a pic of it behind the Eucalyptus, sort of a Japanese motif.


  1. That is really cool! I'm not very musical and I can sorta fit the music to the shapes. Nice. Now if you could make it move.

  2. Cheers, "sorta" is close enough for Jazz ;-)
    Funny you should say make it move... I've often thought about making an automaton of an archer of some such. Don't s'pose I'll ever get round to it.

  3. Great! Datamdatatam! A Classic, it being the only 5er most people can sing without feeling it's odd makes it even greater.
    Are these apples?

  4. Apples?! How very dare you!
    They are beads from an assortment I got off E-may. I may use different colours in the final piece. Or paint 'em with Acrylic, they are supposed be yellow, but the finish isn't great.
    The final version is coming on, I've got the base painted up to a reasonable gloss black finish, dunno if I should go mad and try to get it perfect. I'll build it up, I can always strip it down and rub down the paint and re-do it.