Monday, 16 March 2015

PW !

That's like a Personal Best but a personal Worst!

I'm embarrassed to admit I wasn't great company at the Avalon shoot.
I could blame the flight bow, it was fast but didn't feel like it had the solid smooth weight of Twister or the longbow I shot last week. More likely just one of those days of perpetual near misses and grumpiness.
It started badly as I was encumbered with rain gear which I later took off at the suggestion of one of our group (6 of us, it was a busy shoot).
The course was admittedly tough with some long shots to small targets. I didn't even make the 10 points per target average... oh dear.
At one point I asked the guys "What's the difference between me and a constipated Owl?"
...I shoot but can't hit. Whereas the Owl can hoot but not... well you get the idea!

We were shooting a mix of longbow, horsebow, flatbow, recurve, my flight bow (primitive) and one guy Mark who also makes bows was shooting target limbs on a wooden riser that he'd made himself (no sights).  The riser was interesting, as he'd made it with a dead straight grip like a longbow or primitive so he could still have the same style as his other bows.
He was shooting superbly and was probably trying to make me feel better when he said he thought we'd all shot well on a particularly tricky uphill shot. Well, I'd blanked it and was trying to do the scoring for the 6 of us at the time (with a pen that didn't write well and without my reading glasses) so you can imagine I wasn't overly receptive!

Still there's always an up side! My shoulder feels much better today and I did hit a couple of decent first arrow long shots. A Tiger at about 40 yards and a much smaller standing bear on a steep downhill 30 yard shot. And at least there wasn't a swear box on the course!

I'm going to get my fitness back so I can shoot good ol' Twister at a shoot in a fortnight.

I've got a couple of flight arrows re-done to suit the flight bow. I tried 'em at 10 yards and they were going a bit sideways and striking 6" left of the aim point. I rasped away the arrow pass by about 1/4" and tried again, much cleaner flight. I'll try 'em for distance in a day or so.

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