Monday, 30 March 2015

Take Down Finished

You can't see the join as Eric Morecambe used to say!
I've made it ambiphibious, so I can shoot it with either hand under water :-)
(sorry about that silliness!)

The Mother of Pearl has particularly nice figure. The shot with the join opened up about 1/2" shows how thick the Mother of Pearl is, I like it thick so I can put a curve on it which make it look more opulent.

It's my first take down and a welcome addition to my bow collection, it may well suit me as I finding a lighter draw weight less strain.

I shot at Aurora yesterday, it rained off and on all day, but not too heavy and it wasn't too cold. I was bulked up with less clothing but did have all the wet gear,

I shot Monkey bow (pic, for those who don't know what I'm talking about!) which performed pretty well, mind, it was only at the end I realised my point on range was no longer the 40 yards I get with 'Twister' but was more like 30-35.
It was a tough course with plenty of smallish targets at fairly long range and a couple of V long shots. We even saw a crossbow miss a big Deer on one of the very long ones!
I was shooting with 3 other guys from the club, Longbow, AFB, Horsebow and my primitive. I came last, but was much happier with my shooting. I only just got past the 10 points per target average, but with wet hands stained brown from glove and tab and a bow on it's first open shoot I was happy enough.
Monkey bow caused some mild amusement at the refreshment tent when he asked for a slice of apricot and marzipan cake Ooooh Ooooh Aaaah Aaaah Aaaaah. He rather baulked at shooting the Baboon and Monkey targets tho' !

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